Videosurveillance, access control, plates recognition, thermal cameras etc.


Data Analysis

Video analysis, deep learning

Speech analysis, speech recognition

Electronics system prototyping

HW design / PCB

Electronic System integration

Internet of drones

Engineering design

IP Networks design

Engineering of civil plants (electrical, multimedia, domotics)

Specialized teaching

University of Genoa official Spin off – support on advanced  Electronics Engineering courses and research projects.


EPOCS is an engineering and consultacy company founded in Italy 2010, it is an University of Genoa (Italy) official spin off, having background on design and development of IT and electronics systems.

EPOCS deals with the design, development and consultancy on software and hardware for electronic systems, for signal processing, implemented on embedded platform and their integration for equipment prototyping and systems.

Company  expertise span from algorithms and applications, through the construction of custom systems up to integration and maintenance.

‘Protection and Growing for complex technologies’ to which we refer are human being and the environment.

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